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I have anger management issues :(

So earlier I yelled at my mom. She had asked if she could watch Monk and Psych with me, and I said yes. Well, that lasted for all of five minutes. She started tapping her feet during the Monk theme and I asked her to stop. When she didn't stop, I suggested that maybe she shouldn't buy the cheapest wine the liquor store sells because I can smell it from across the fucking room. Then she got really sad and left.

It was a complete overreaction and I feel really guilty, especially because she had just had a huge fight with my dad earlier, but fucking Christ, who the hell taps their feet? I mean, come on. If you wanna tap your feet, join a fucking Broadway show. If you wanna watch TV with me, then shut the fuck up and we'll sit there quietly and mutually enjoy some well-written television.

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