Mike (floyddoorz) wrote,

Death is everywhere.

About 10 years ago, my 90 year old next door neighbor sold her house because she couldn't really get around anymore. She moved into a nursing home and we never heard from her again. We assumed she died, but my mom had obsessively looked for her obit everyday anyway. Well, Monday she found it. Louise Lyons died Sunday in a Melrose rest home at 100.

Then Monday my great aunt died. Wednesday was the wake, Thursday was the funeral. So that sucked. Auntie Kay was awesome.

And on top of that, my cat is probably gonna die. She spends all day in basement except once a day when she comes up for food.

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:( Sorry about your aunt. And your cat. (And Louise Lyons.) How old is she? (Your cat, not the late Louise Lyons.) Maybe she's just absorbed in some kind of fun basement project right now or something.
My cat just turned 18 in August.