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An Enemy Of Sleeves

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I hate long sleeves on shirts. Aside from dress shirts, I own pretty much entirely short sleeve shirts. I don't know why, but long sleeves make me feel claustrophic and itchy. On the rare occasions that I wear a hoodie or a winter jacket, I roll up the sleeves. The only time I'll deal with long sleeves is if I'm wearing a full suit or tuxedo. If it's just a shirt and tie, then I'm rolling up those sleeves. I especially like doing rolling up my sleeves in this scenario, because it makes me like a politican getting ready for a photo op. "Senatorial Candidate FloydDoorz is ready to go to Washington and work for YOU!"

And of course, I also hate tattoo sleeves. I'm not a big fan of tattoos in general, but I can understand why people get them. Sleeves are just retarded.

I've never seen a sleeve and thought: "Wow, that looks really cool."

It's always: "Wow, you spent close to a $1000 making your arm look like a five year old drew on it. Nice work!"

FUN FACT: The Navy and Marines do not allow tattoo sleeves. Any tattoos you have must be covered by your dress uniform. I know a guy whose decided at age 20 that he wanted to be a Marine. Unfortunately, he decided at age 18 that he wanted to get a ridiculous sleeve. So uh, he never got to be a Marine. Oops.

I don't know if the other branches of the American military have similar policies. However, I do know this: unless Street Fighter 2 is a liar, the Air Force allows giant American flag tattoos on your upper arm.

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